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Adam/Brady AU: The second time they meet Adam invites Brady in to look at the stars in his apartment. Brady could listen to Adam talk for hours, so he sits quietly and enjoys the marvels of Adam’s mind. After Adam apologises for talking so much, and explains it’s because he has aspergers. Brady says that it is okay, he likes to listen to Adam talk. It’s the first time Adam has not had to worry about being himself.


Adam/Brady AU: After talking to Harlan Adam decides that he has to visit Brady at the hospital. When he first arrives Brady is embarrassed and won’t meet his eyes. Adam is anxious from being at the hospital, but he is happy to see Brady again.

Brady explains that he has schizophrenia and that he had a break because he wasn’t taking his medication. Adam plans to get a book on schizophrenia when he gets home so that he can understand Brady better.  After Brady admits that he is scared to get out Adam tells him that he will help Brady have some of the structure that he needs.

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